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Our Mission


We here at the website for a random author named Alani Santamarina believe in reigniting the human race’s sense of wonder, respecting all ideas, even blatantly stupid ones, and creating a safe space for anonymous people to complain about my work. We strive to bring the word “sinistral” back into common usage, increase literacy rates among the affluent, disaffected valley girls, and sacrifice cliff notes to Cthulhu.

Our mandate compels us to embrace all the absurdities of life by raising awareness of the Galapagos Goat War and carrying out the complicated and ludicrous funeral arrangements mandated by my mother in the event of her death.

We are committed to preparing for the eventual robot take over of the job market by creating works of art too irrational to be duplicated by a logical computer and popularizing the resulting book series (my book series, preferably) among the future denizens of Mars.

Naturally, above all things then, we encourage people to read my book instead of doing what they are supposed to do.

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My Work

Adventure and mystery await! Escape from reality to my imaginary worlds. Enjoy a sophisticated novel about telepaths and dark secrets or a children’s picture book about warring cat kingdoms. Or both! It’s up to you.

Lorian Archive

Explore the world of Loria from the eyes of the people who live there.
Enjoy extra interviews and articles that expand upon the mythology.
Some are humorous; some are tragic.
All reveal something that cannot be found in the books.

Alani Santamarina

Hello! I’m Alani Santamarina, and I am the author of The Villain’s Reason. I think my descent began with a thought that has no doubt crossed the minds of many fans of Tolkien, Sir Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, J. K Rowling, etc. etc. etc.

We read them and we think, “This is awesome. I want to make something this awesome.”

I mean, of course we’d think that. Authors brought us so much meaning, and laughs and stolen moments, hiding in the bathroom at one in the morning, that I wanted to be one of them. I wanted to create something that brought someone, anyone that same sort of joy, the same sort of escape from the limitations of reality that any of those authors gave to me.

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