A Place Where We All Belong Kindle Edition | Alani Santamarina
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Join Winter the orphaned Snow Leopard on her quest to find a place where she can belong. Through her adventure, she learns the importance of different perspectives and working together from new friends and realizes she can change the world.

This book is rated at a 3rd Grade level which is great for children ages 8 to 12.

A Place Where We All Belong

A Place Where We All Belong

by Alani Santamarina



A Children’s Picture Book Written By a Child

When I was seven, I visited my aunt in the Rocky Mountains. I was fascinated by the stray cats that prowled in her yard. That was where “A Place Where We All Belong” began. I published it when I was twelve, and now as an adult I’ve come back to it. I am a different person now, but I revised it with the aim to keep the childlike spirit untouched.

A Grandmother’s Touch

My grandmother generously bestowed her artistic talent to this story, bringing the adventures of Winter the Snow Leopard to life in playful color pencil.

An Independent Creator

I have been involved in every stage of this, from the formatting to the manufacturing to the shipping. Supporting my work goes a long way in helping me continue to offer these unique hardbound books to children who like me, dreamed of wild cats.

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