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Fantasy is a polarising genre of literature that caters to the reader’s sense of escapism from reality. It takes them to a bizarre world originated from the imagination of the author, leaving readers wandering through the pages for more. For young readers, it ignites their imagination. Children’s fantasy picture books create a safe-zone for the kids to explore a world of fantasy.

Fantasy reading outweighs realism in kids

As parents, you may assume fantasy children’s picture books to be misleading your kids towards a world that doesn’t exist. But a child’s imagination tends to be attracted to the realm of superheroes, magicians, dragons, and mermaids, and transports the reader into the story. Developmental science has found that fantasy adventure books for kids are more effective in their learning than ones based on realistic themes. Children are quite good at distinguishing between reality and the fictional parts of the stories. 

Fantasy reading encourages children to develop a higher perception for the world around them. Kids are curious to know about things that challenge real-world actions. Whatsmore, a children’s book author can speak to a child in a way that is familiar to them, and resonates with them. 

The undying charm of reading fantasy! 

Adventure picture books for kids are a source of confidence and positivity for them. They see impossible events turning into actuality, working against the laws of reality. It makes them reluctant to treat those scenarios like the ones in real life. This instills in them the power of deeper processing to dig out the truth hidden behind the words. You can utilize the fantastical contexts and your kids’ wonder for these stories to prepare instructional material for their education. 

Fantasy reveals the unexplored real world

Far away from material existence, fantasy reading isn’t about escaping from real-world problems. Instead, it presents the messy world in a safer context. Though it won’t urge them to fight these problems, it will at least make them think of how to overcome problems and focus on possibilities. The scary and harsh side of fantasy tails keeps them engaged with the significant issues while prevailing the main idea of “good always triumphs over evil.” 

The ventures depicted in the adventure books for kids very well relate to the unfortunate situations in reality. It creatively picturizes the danger of imprisonment or death accompanied by physical actions. The way protagonists overcome barriers creates a positive influence on innocent minds. 

Fantasy won’t distract your kids from the reality of life, but it provides an unusual way to engage with it. Away from scaremongering and glary media, it takes them through the genuine trials and tribulations of humanity. 

Fantasies are never-ending imagination

Alice’s Adventures, King Arthur’s sword, Earthsea’s Wizard, and other impeccable phantasms found no constraints for creativity. Fantasy reading earns the advantage of unbound imagination. There’s no end to what a reader could assume flowing with the waves of the story. Kids find it fascinating when their expectations turn out to be something totally different. 

Except for the confinement of the author’s mind, there’s no limit to the plot. This is what entices the kids; unrestricted imagination and infinite potential of the story outweigh their anticipation. They would never know when magic revives the unforeseen components of the fantasy piece. 

Let your kids travel through the trails of fantasy, resonating the roadblocks with real-life adventures. 

While you give a read to the journey of three strangers to a seemingly harmless path in “The Villain’s Reason,” ask your children to accompany the orphaned Snow Leopard to an adventurous course of life in – A Place Where We All Belong. Open a child’s mind and broaden their world through the imagination of  fantasy children’s books.

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