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Hawks Vs. The Flying Mob

Hawks Vs. The Flying Mob

I know I said I would tell Tjisse stories and I will, but I have to write this while the details are still fresh. We have a mated pair of hawks nesting over our driveway, which has been a wealth of fun stories I’ll probably tell later. But today, smaller birds were heckling the mother hanging around their young. Not too strange, but that’s when the father came soaring from the forest across the road, carrying a snake in his talons, with a flock of other birds chasing after him. The mother met him halfway and attacked the horde after him. They scattered. They fed their little ones and then they both went back and brought back another snake. Like there was just a snake buffet across the road! 

In any case, I’m happy for them. We’ve been watching them for months now and at this point, I’m invested in their relationship.

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