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Alani Santamarina

A Lesson in Dissonant Heights (Woman of Wrath Play Review)

Last night was the premiere of Woman of Wrath. There has been excitement for this one ever since the announcement. Written by Hadis Nubi'i, Woman of Wrath markets itself as a swashbuckling romance musical and by that alone you may be wondering at the hype. Then you read "music by Oblithion Darkflame," and suddenly everything makes sense. I consider myself to be uniquely qualified to critique Oblithion as I have been following his work since almost the beginning. (Yes, being…

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Interview with a Zombie

(What follows is an interview with Danir the Undaunted, First Knight to the Faerie Queen Utonyae, Third Keeper of the Scepter. It was conducted by respected Tower of Merrell student Sylen Turou and used along with other such interview for his dissertation On the Metaphysical, Psychological, and Environmental Effects of Necromancy. Though thousands of years old, it can still be found well preserved in the library at the tower.) I appreciate you taking the time to speak with me. I…

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Alani Santamarina- Fiction Writer

The Artistic Eye of the Storm

When most think of Zenarious of Nightfell, (artistic eye) they think of the trail of destruction he has left in his wake. I am not disputing the severity of his atrocities, but I would like to put all that aside and discuss his legacy of creation. Namely, his long and bizarre career in art. It is difficult to specify where and when he began, as by the time we find records of his art, he is already a well known…

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