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Fantasy Fiction Books
The Villain's Reason

Lucian is a mage, but he prays that something puts a stop to that. Since the surfacing of his magic, he has been tortured by a circus magician, rescued by the evilest man in the world, and sent to the place his father once warned housed monsters hiding behind false humanity. But is that humanity truly false? As he navigates a chaotic haven for people like him, he finds himself trusting his benefactor. He’s polite, understanding, compelling, and weirdly honest. But sometimes the best of men have the darkest of secrets.

Melvin is normal. He cannot fling fireballs or read people’s minds, and he is okay with that. He has turned his unassuming image profitable by becoming a contract spy. Now he works for his childhood hero, and unlike when you usually meet your idols, Serena is exactly what he envisioned. She’s charismatic, cunning, ruthless, and visionary. But attaching himself to her means working with people far more dangerous than he could possibly imagine, and fighting against forces the rest of the world appeases. He figures normal people aren’t exactly supposed to be in this fight. Oh well.

Gilly has no idea what she is, but she would bet her body-switching soul that it’s weird. Whatever the case, she wants to know the truth, and her uncooperative memory certainly is not helping. So, when a seemingly random raid turns all that she thought was true upside down, she throws herself on a journey that gives her more questions than answers. Who is she? Who are these raiders? Where was her home? Why is she suddenly getting letters from an enigmatic penpal calling himself her Future Enemy? And why is everyone who knows the answers to all these questions doing everything: lie, deceive, conceal, avoid, fight, and be needlessly vague and roundabout, in order to not tell her?

These three souls are strangers. They do not know how their lives are already intertwining. Or that they will walk paths very few would follow. Or that their involvement with the rivalry between the deadliest of telepaths will result in events that could shake their world to the ground.
They wish to seem harmless.
Sometimes, even the simplest of wishes get complicated.

A Place Where We All Belong

A Place Where We All Belong Kindle Edition

by Alani Santamarina (Author)


Join Winter the orphaned Snow Leopard on her quest to find a place where she can belong. Through her adventure, she learns the importance of different perspectives and working together from new friends and realizes she can change the world.

This book is rated at a 3rd Grade level which is great for children ages 8 to 12.

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